27. April 2017
Buy more clothes than I need for a trip. Day before I leave, wash nearly every piece of clothing I own. Only then, pare down to what I really need and pack. Not the most efficient method, but it works for me.
26. April 2017
Me, calling the awful customer service line from Bank of America about my trip: Computer voice says: Please enter your card number followed by the pound sign. XXXXXXX# Please enter the last four digits of your social security numbers. XXXXXXX# Please enter the security code from the back of your card. XXXXXX# Please enter your billing zip code XXXXX# For security purposes, we need to verify the last few transactions on your card. Did you attempt to charge XXX on the Eurostar on xXX? A charge...
23. April 2017
I'm leaving Friday for London and Paris. Have been wanting to do this my whole life, and I'm finally going. After reading all the historical romances and historical fiction beginning in junior high, I'm finally going to see the country where most of them took place. (Except for Scotland. Read a whole lot set in Scotland, and I'll make it there someday. My father's ancestors are from there. But not this trip. Unless I decide I just have to go there and fine Jamie Frasier from Outlander. I'll...
12. November 2015
On Sale Dec. 1 PETER: What happened to her at that party? I know she's not telling me everything. DANA: If I tell Peter, he'll go after the boy who hurt me, and I couldn't stand it if Peter got into trouble because of anything I did.

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10. November 2014
This is Lizzie McRae. Isn't she adorable? She's Emma & Rye's new daughter, and you can meet her and catch up with the whole McRae family in my new novella, Welcome Lizzie. It's available only in a new boxed set that includes Books 1, 2 and 3 in the series, on sale any day now. The novella came from many happy memories of the birth of my two children and those exhausting, sleep-deprived, puzzling, yet joyous months that followed. I hope you enjoy it.

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10. July 2013
I have to confess, I went to Romance Writers of America’s national conference last summer and fell in love. (Not with a man. For one thing, I’m happily married. For another, there are about 2000 women at an RWA national conference and maybe 25 men. No joke.) I fell in love with the New Adult writers. Went to their workshop, and they were adorable, so happy and enthusiastic, joyous even, about their new genre. It made me want to see what all that joy was about. It always seemed odd to me...

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10. May 2013
We just sold our old house, the one where we spent nearly twenty years, raised our kids, made many friends. It was a great neighborhood for kids, tons of them there, in and out of our house so often. I’ll miss it so much. It had a beautiful front porch. I love porches, such peaceful places, and tons of azaleas. So beautiful in the spring. We actually found our new house two and a half years ago and went ahead and bought it. (Scary financially, but we loved the new house and thought it was a...

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10. March 2013
In writing, it’s always good to have some first-hand experience in that which we’re writing about. Which meant, since I’ve put characters in helicopters before, I couldn’t possibly turn down the chance to take a ride in one. Even thought the idea left me… let’s say… uneasy. I’m not afraid to fly. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, one time, long long ago, I flew in a bright red, open cockpit biplane. You know, just like the ones Snoopy and the Red Baron flew. It was...
10. November 2012
Was thinking about birthday presents for my mother, who’s into geneaology, and got caught up once again in the story of an ancestor of mine whose husband was bought and paid for by 100 pounds of tobacco. (No joke!) The husband’s name was Peter McIntosh (my maiden name) and he was born between 1754 and 1758 (depending on the source) in Scotland, Aberdeen or maybe Inverness. He came to America on a ship called the Monima in 1775 (what a time to arrive, right before the Declaration of...
10. September 2012
Dear Readers, I am thrilled to announce that Five Days Grace will go on sale a week from today, on Sept. 22! Will post buy links as soon as they’re available. I hope you love Grace & Aidan as much as I do. For now, I offer you the Prologue. Prologue Grace McRae’s life was perfect. Everyone said so, from the moment almost twenty-nine years ago when she landed, in a basket with a big, red bow, on the doorstep of a beautifully restored Victorian home on Christmas Eve. That was the most...

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