McRaes Series in Order

The McRaes

Book 1

Sam & Rachel

Book 2

Sam & Rachel's daughter Emma

Book 3

Sam & Rachel's son Zach

Dear Readers,

     It's your choice here. You can go directly to Book 4, Five Days Grace, or take a little detour, into a bonus novella. You'll get to catch up with the whole family as Emma & Rye's youngest daughter, Lizzie, is born, and their oldest daughter, Dana, starts to realize how important Peter is to her. (Peter is Zach's fiancee, Julie's, little brother, from Bed of Lies.)

Bonus Novella


Welcome Lizzie


Available only in the boxed set Christmas with the McRaes



     Again, reader's choice, you can go directly to Five Days Grace, Book 4, or veer to the right and see Dana & Peter, Junior Year of High School, not a couple, but wishing they were. Something happens to Grace at the beginning. Don't worry. It's not a spoiler for Grace's book. It's part of Grace's back story that you read in the first few pages of Five Days Grace.



Everything to Me (Prequel)


Dana & Peter's story

Book 4

Sam & Rachel's daughter Grace

Book 5

The son Sam & Rachel tried to adopt, but couldn't, Will