Teresa Hill

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Marry Me Again

IRebecca Harwell was dazzled by Tucker Mallory, a gorgeous, self-assured lawyer who came to work for her father's firm. Their marriage was quick and their son, Sammy, arrived just as the marriage ended.

Now, six years later, Sammy's only birthday wish-to see his father-threatens Rebecca's hard-won tranquility with the kind of turmoil only Tucker can bring.

Tucker never expected to fall so hard for Rebecca, let alone marry and have a child. When the marriage went bad, he told himself Rebecca and their son would be better off without him.

Now Tucker realizes his terrible mistake. There's no way to make up for leaving his wife and son, but nothing will stop him from trying.

His Wedding Date

Shelly Wilkerson could not have been more shocked when Brian Sandelle invited her to a wedding. 

After all, Brian was supposed to be the one getting married, dashing Shelly's last hope that they'd ever be more than friends. 

But an odd thing happened on the way to the altar. 

Now Shelly is once again spinning all those impossible dreams, hoping that her best friend will finally see her as more than his wedding date. 

The McRaes

Sam & Rachel's family starts when a baby, her older brother and sister, show up on their doorstep right before Christmas. Read their story and their children's in this series.

Twelve Days (Sam & Rachel's story)

The Edge of Heaven (Emma's story)

Bed of Lies (Zach's story)

Five Days Grace (Grace's story)

Hero of my Heart (Will's story)

Entrusted To The SEAL (Mace's story)

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Everything To Me

Read about the next generation in the McRae family: Emma & Rye's oldest daughter Dana falls for Zach's wife's little brother in the six-part serialized story Everything To Me

Everything To Me, Books 1-6

Also available as two box sets, books 1-3 and 4-6

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Spies, Lies & Lovers

Read about the agents at a secret Washington spy agency.

Dangerous To Trust (Sean's story)

Dangerous To Love (Dan & Jamie's story)

Dangerous To Kiss (Geri's story)

Dangerous To Trust (Josh & Amanda's story)

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Complete Booklist

This is much more complicated than you'd think it would be. But I've written about forty books over the past twenty-five for four different publishers under two different names. :)

And some of the older books, I've updated, re-edited, retitled and published as e-books. Some of my ebooks are brand new books. Some books are available as ebooks, some in print and some in both.

I'll try to explain it all here.

My real name is Teresa Hill, and I've written under this name since 2003.

Books Written as


The McRaes Series


Twelve Days (2000) -- older print version, updated ebook

The Edge of Heaven (2002) -- older print version, updated ebook

Bed of Lies  (2003) -- older print version, updated ebook

Five Days Grace (2014) -- original ebook, extremely limited print version

Hero of my Heart (2014) -- original ebook, no print

Entrusted to the SEAL (2016) -- original ebook, no print

     Books 1-3 in this series in the box set Christmas With the McRaes (2014) --                                ebook only

Everything To Me Serial

Everything To Me, Serialized in Books 1-6, (2015-2016) -- ebook only

      Books 1-3 and 4-6 available as a box set -- ebook only

      Prequel novella to this serial: Saving Myself For You (2015) -- free ebook                                available only by signing up for my website, link at bottom of page

      Bridge novella between the McRaes and Everything To Me, Welcome Lizzie                       2014) -- available free only by signing up for my mailing list, link at                       bottom of page

Second Chance Love Series

Marry Me Again, updated version (2016) previously published as Days Gone By,                                   ebook only

His Wedding Date, updated version (2017) previously published as Not His Wife,                                    ebook 

Spies, Lies & Lovers Series

Dangerous To Trust, updated version (2017) ebook only, previously published as Her                                Secret Guardian, print 2000

Dangerous To Love, updated version (2017) ebook only, previously published in print

Dangerous To Kiss, updated version (2018) ebook only, previously published as                                       Spies, Lies & Lovers, print

Dangerous To Hold, updated version (2018) ebook only, previously published as                                        Cinderella and the Spy, print

Silhouette & Harlequin titles

written as TERESA HILL.

Heard It Through the Grapevine (2003)
Someone to Watch Over Me (2004)
A Little Bit Engaged (2006)
Her Sister's Fiance (2006)
Mr. Right Next Door (2007)
Single Mom Seeks... (2008)
The Nanny Solution (2009)
Runaway Vegas Bride (2010)
Countdown to the Perfect Wedding (2010)

Someone To Watch Over Me, (2010)
His Bride by Design (2011)
Luke's Wish (2011)  *Originally titled Magic In A Jelly Jar*
Matchmaking by Moonlight (2012)




Written As


Whose Child Is This? (1992)
Dixon's Bluff (1993)
Days Gone By (1994)
Not His Wife (1994)
Our Child? (1995)
Homecoming (1996)
Temporary Family (1996)
Second Father (1996)
Wife, Mother...lover? (1997)

Dangerous To Love (1998)

Spies, Lies & Lovers (1999)

Cinderella and the Spy (2000)
Her Secret Guardian (2000)
Magic in a Jelly Jar (2001)

If you're looking for the Silhouette & Harlequin books, your best bet is a used bookstore. There are some copies on sale used through Amazon partners. You may also find used print copies of Twelve Days, Edge of Heaven and Bed of Lies.

Every now and then, I see an Amazon reseller claiming to have a new copy of a book like Twelve Days, which was originally published 17 years ago. It's hard for me to imagine anyone has a new copy after all these years. I only have one myself, and it doesn't look new anymore after setting on my shelf all these years, so please don't let anyone rip you off.

There are a handful of trade-sized paperbacks of books in the McRaes series for about $12 each on Amazon. Those are legitimately new, updated versions.

Also, Harlequin published ebook editions of some of my older books, but I have to warn you, authors weren't given the chance to even proofread the books or do any updating after they were converted to ebooks. I'm not sure about the quality of the product, but you can find some of those, if you want them.

See, I told you that you wouldn't believe how complicated a booklist could be. :)