Trip Prep

Trying to tell my credit card company I'll be traveling overseas.

Me, calling the awful customer service line from Bank of America about my trip:

Computer voice says: Please enter your card number followed by the pound sign.


Please enter the last four digits of your social security numbers.


Please enter the security code from the back of your card.


Please enter your billing zip code


For security purposes, we need to verify the last few transactions on your card. Did you attempt to charge XXX on the Eurostar on xXX? A charge that was turned down?

Yes. (Which reminded me I needed to tell BofA I was going overseas, so they didn't keep turning down charges.)

Did you charge XXX at Chik-fil-A on XXX?

Don't remember the date, but probably. I say Yes.

Did you charge $XXX at on XXX?

Oh, geez. I probably charge something for e-books at Amazon daily, sometimes more than once in a day? You really expect me to remember what I charge at Amazon on any given days? Really? You obviously don't understand readers. Voracious readers.

But I play the odds and say, Yes.

We're sorry. We can't help you at this time.


Sigh. I call again. Go through the whole thing again. Finally, the computer asks me, What can we do for you today?

I need to tell you about a trip overseas I'm taking, so you don't turn down charges I make there thinking someone's stolen my card and using it in a foreign country.

Sorry. We can not help by phone. You need to go to our website or use our mobile app.

Call disconnects.


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