Follow me on my trip to England & France


I'm leaving Friday for London and Paris.


Have been wanting to do this my whole life, and I'm finally going. After reading all the historical romances and historical fiction beginning in junior high, I'm finally going to see the country where most of them took place.


  (Except for Scotland. Read a whole lot set in Scotland, and I'll make it there someday. My father's ancestors are from there. But not this trip. Unless I decide I just have to go there and fine Jamie Frasier from Outlander. I'll travel through time, if I have to!)


 My husband gets a pitiful face on sometimes and asks, "You're coming back, right?"


I keep saying I am.


Then I watch another rerun of Outlander and think .... Hmm. Maybe I should just run off to Scotland. :)


Photo above is from the window of a plane on the last trip I took, which was to Florida. I love when we fly above the clouds, and they look like you could walk on them, like you're in a strange, new world.

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    Kathy Smith (Monday, 24 April 2017 19:11)

    Honey, I am begging you to go to Scotland! Blame it on me. Use me Please! Lol... I have always loved Scotland with the history and Scotland Yard. Haunted castles...well I am a little cowardly I will say. But you I believe have the courage, heart and soul of a re-incarnated woman of long ago. For that reason you should go and explore the
    Have a riot and I am looking forward to your pictures and writings of your trip.

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    Mary Hazelwood (Wednesday, 26 April 2017 02:17)

    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.