Falling in Love

I have to confess, I went to Romance Writers of America’s national conference last summer and fell in love. (Not with a man. For one thing, I’m happily married. For another, there are about 2000 women at an RWA national conference and maybe 25 men. No joke.)


I fell in love with the New Adult writers. Went to their workshop, and they were adorable, so happy and enthusiastic, joyous even, about their new genre. It made me want to see what all that joy was about.

It always seemed odd to me that we didn’t have many books from this time in life, the college years and the early twenties, because they’re years full of new things and so many changes in our lives. Because they’re exciting and challenging and interesting.


So, once I finished the book in progress at that time, Hero of My Heart, I started reading voraciously in New Adult. I love it. I’ve read practically nothing but that since last summer. And in January, I started writing one.


And fell in love with the genre even more. Which brings me to The McRraes –The Next Generation.


Turns out, I’d always set up the characters in Bed of Lies. Julie’s really angry little brother, Peter, 13, whose parents just got arrested for embezzlement. He ends up being Zach’s brother in law, which makes him kind-of a member of the family. And Emma & Rye’s oldest daughter, Dana, 12, who leaves Peter hardly able to speak the first time she talks to him.


The first thing out with be a novella, featuring the two of them at 16, when Grace’s first husband dies. And the first full-length book picks up their story their senior year in high school. Look for their stories early in 2015.

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