Moving On

View of Paris Mountain from our new house
View of Paris Mountain from our new house

We just sold our old house, the one where we spent nearly twenty years, raised our kids, made many friends. It was a great neighborhood for kids, tons of them there, in and out of our house so often. I’ll miss it so much.


It had a beautiful front porch. I love porches, such peaceful places, and tons of azaleas. So beautiful in the spring. 

We actually found our new house two and a half years ago and went ahead and bought it. (Scary financially, but we loved the new house and thought it was a great bargain. The mountain views are beautiful, and we knew how hard it was to find such great views along with a good size lot and not be hanging off a mountain. So we did it.)

Have been putting off some renovations and additions of the new house until we sold the old, including a garage. My poor husband has been living without a garage for two and a half years and is just lost without it. He loves his garage.

So now, right after selling the old house, we’re deep in the midst of planning to add a garage and maybe a sun room and moving our kitchen to make room for a bigger family room. Life is just a little crazy. 

I’m deep into the kitchen move and have made a Pinterest Board with tons of pictures of what I’m doing there. If you love shows or blogs where people makeover a room, you should like this. Do you have any idea how many different colors of granite there are? And even little things like kitchen faucets? I was at Lowes or Home Depot, it’s all a blur, and they had a sign telling me their catalogs had 8,000 different faucets I could look at and buy. 8,000! That’s insane.

Having real trouble picking countertops. Thought I wanted granite, but now I’m not so sure. The cabinets are darker than I thought and darken the room. So now I need light countertops, and I find myself not loving the lighter granite, and I’ll have to absolutely love it to be make myself  pay what granite costs. That’s my current dilemma.

And writing, of course. I’m writing. I swear.

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