Dear Aidan

Dear Aidan,

I’m trying to be patient and not push, but it really is time for you to let me in on some things.

Like what exactly happened to you in the helicopter crash? Were you in the helicopter? Or did you get hurt on the ground, trying to help the soldiers in the crash? Why was it so difficult for you to handle emotionally? Why do you feel so guilty?

I mean, obviously, it was really bad. And I’m sorry. I know you don’t want to talk about it. I get that. But it’s time, and I have to know. You’ve been through things like this before and handled it, so what was different this time? Why do you think you’re going to get kicked out of the military? Who’s looking for you? Why are they looking for you? Are you in danger right now?

I know it’s not easy to open up this way, and I’m sorry for that. But this is your story. We’re going to have to talk about some tough things, and things won’t get better until we do. That’s just the way it works.

But things will get better. I promise. You found Grace, after all, and I know you really like Grace. She likes you, too, but surely you realize she is not going to have sex with you until you tell her what you’re hiding.

Please remember, we’re all in this together. You want me to tell your story. I want to tell it. I want you to be happy, and you will be in the end with Grace. We just have to work through some of these things first.

I’m here. I’m ready to listen.

Oh, and knowing your last name would be really good, too.


Your Author, Teresa

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