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    While traveling in Europe, billionaire Harold Hopewell gets caught in a mass shooting. Two other passengers — US military men — intervene to stop the attack. One survives, and one doesn’t.


   Afterward, Harold and US Navy SEAL Mace Daughtry, a good-natured Texan who never met a woman he didn’t want to protect, promise each other they’ll do everything they can to help take care of the young widow of the Navy Lieutenant who died.


    When Harold Hopewell passes away a few months later — without having been able to keep his promise to the young widow, Dani Reed — she finds herself Entrusted To The SEAL. 



    Mace is the only one left to fulfill the promise he and the billionaire made, and Dani needs so much more than someone to convince her to accept the money Harold left her. She needs someone to save her from her anger and her grief, someone to teach her to love again.