Spies, Lies & Lovers

March 21, 2017


     As Dr. Grace Evans worked her way from war zones to natural disasters, a mysterious man was always watching over her.
     Co-workers at the international relief organization joked that she had a guardian angel.  Over the years, she’d come to trust him, despite not knowing his name or how he knew what he did. But if he said it was too dangerous for her team to stay where they were, they left.
     Until one day, Grace goes too far, and her mystery man doesn’t get there in time. Held hostage by a dangerous dictator, there’s only one man who can save her.
     And this time, there’s no hiding who he is or why he’s always watched over Grace.


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January 2018


     On a disastrous assignment, Geri Sinclair was shot, her partner nearly killed, a third agent left dead, and the mysterious government scientist they were guarding disappeared.
     Geri was determined to make someone pay — but when she finally hunted down the scientist, Alex Hathaway wasn’t the man she expected. He didn’t seem like a cold-blooded killer. Much as she hated to admit it, he was sexy as could be, a tad protective of her, maybe even kind.
      She either had to bring him in or — if she believed he was innocent — keep him safe and wait for the real killer to find him, because Geri wasn’t the only person after him.


December 2017


   Jamie Douglass found it infuriating — being attracted to sexy, arrogant Dan Reese when he was her instructor, sure she couldn’t cut it at a super-secret spy agency.
     But she made it — earning the right to work along side him.
     Only after she nearly got blown up on assignment in London did Dan finally admit he wanted her, too. 
     Jamie gets one steamy kiss and a promise of a date for breakfast the next day before their world falls apart.
     By morning, one agent is dead, Dan is fighting for his life, and Jamie has to try to figure out what happened — as she wonders if she and Dan will ever get a chance to be together.


February 2018


     Quiet, small-town girl Amanda Wainwright knows she doesn’t belong amidst an agency of spies — even if she is only their secretary. 
     She's horrified to learn a man she trusted and loved turned out to be a traitor who’d gotten an agent killed. Even worse — some people believe Amanda might have been in on his treachery. 
     Surprisingly, Joshua Carter — a beautiful, sophisticated man totally out of her league — is livid that anyone dares suspect her. He becomes her champion, her protector, and unless she's mistaken, he wants a relationship with her that's much more personal and dangerous to her battered heart.

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My packing method:

Buy too many clothes for trip.

Day before, wash nearly everything I own.

Only then, pare down to what I really want to take.

Not the most efficient method, I know, but I cant seem to do it any other way.